Volunteer Work

Co-Chair at EvalYouth Task Force Two

  • Part of the team that developed the international mentoring program for 50 participants in total including Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEEs) matched with experienced mentors. Currently, the MENA region representative of the Evalyouth Mentoring Program.
  • Part of the international team that developed a needs assessment survey to create the mentoring program. Translated the survey to Arabic, analyzed and reported the data.
  • Part of the international team that developed the proposal for the Evalyouth Mentoring Program. Created a poster to visualize the findings and attached it to the proposal.
  • Regularly meeting with the international team to lay the grounds for EvalYouth development internationally.

Co-Chair at EvalMENA EvalYouth Chapter

  • Leading three task forces, along with my co-chairs, working on developing the M&E fabric for the Young and Emerging Evaluators in the MENA Region.
  • Regularly meeting to lay the foundation for the MENA Youth involvement in the field of evaluation.

Member at EvalMENA

  • Supported in preparing for the annual EvalMENA General Assembly conference that took place in Amman, October 2017 attended by over 170 national, regional and international participants.
  • Part of the team that worked on conducting the EFGR roundtables supported by UNWomen whereby EvalMENA, with the support of partners and VOPEs, ran four roundtable sessions in Palestine, Jordan, Algeria and Lebanon to investigate the status of the EFGR in the National Policy in order to analyze and support SDG M&E with EFGR approach. Prepared a poster for the EFGR roundtable results that was presented at the EvalPartners Global Forum in 2017, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
  • Regularly meeting to lay the grounds for the evaluation practice in the MENA Region.

Member and EvalJO

  • Regularly attending meetings and supporting in their activities.